Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm Still Alive

Believe it or not I'm still my lack of blog posts you would wonder....but I'm here. Getting organized and preparing in advance for all that February will bring with it.

I'm taking on a whole new set of challenges for the month of February as I'm working full time at CLA as the assistant to the Director of Women's ministry and Hospitality. So, Sunday to Thursday I'm full speed ahead, wreaking havoc on the oh so quiet glass cubical world so many CLA'ers call home :-) I am by far one of the loudest...except for JR of course! I'm also most opinionated and have to learn to bite my tongue.....I'm trying hard, but sometimes I still say things in my outside voice.

I'm having a great time and the girls are adjusting well to mom being away, actually, I walked in the door today and Madelyne said, "oh mom, go away!" I guess she was having too much fun with our great babysitter MK.

So, in preparation for being gone all day Matt and I did a mass cook the other weekend. Needless to say dinners have been a snap.....this is what's on the menu this week for us Bakers:

Sunday - Matt's on duty (chicken in red wine with mashed potatoes & veg) - it was delish!
Monday - Chicken Tetrazini with garlic bread
Tuesday - Steamed Rice and Hawaiian Chicken
Wednesday - Taco Salad with Ground Turkey and All the Fixin's
Thursday - Crock-pot beef stew with homemade baking soda biscuits
Friday - Pizza (with a good helping of salad on the side for mommy!)
Saturday - Mini meatloaf with roasted potatoes and salad

I'm always on the hunt for great new recipes...if you've got any favorites or tried out a new one that you love and want to share let me know - it's always great to mix it up a bit!