Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Spirit of Christmas

Okay, let's face it, sometimes when you hear about a free "family-friendly" holiday event you wonder........what am I getting myself into? Is this just going to be a cheese-fest with one dude dressed up as Santa on a stage strumming a guitar and playing a harmonica?!?!? Or, is it going to be an event done in excellence, celebrating the true meaning of Christmas with tons to do and the opportunity to make some family memories.

Well, I am so glad to share that The Spirit of Christmas @ TWU was most definitely the latter. A fantastic, FREE, family event with tons to see and do. And did I mention FREE?!?!?! We enjoyed a beautiful snowy Saturday afternoon taking in all the Trinity had to offer: crafts for the kids, free snacks (oranges, popcorn, candy canes, hot chocolate & apple cider), musical entertainment of all sorts, a petting zoo, a parade of trees & a live nativity scene.
We made the most of the day and spent a better part of four hours wandering around & with everything covered in a blanket of white it made everything feel that much more festive.
Madelyne getting her face painted as a lion.

The boys and the kidlets attempting the zoo!

Crafting it up - Matt & Madelyne make a snowflake crown.

Daddy and Emma-Bema! (the pink marshmellow)

Madelyne enjoying the bunnies at the zoo (This is my new favorite pic of Miss M)

Let's Celebrate! MB Style

Our first event to welcome in the Christmas season happened to be Matt's Christmas work party. For the most part, Mercedes does a huge sit down dinner in a ballroom with live entertainment, gift give-aways and dancing.....but not this year. This year found us at the Marriott hotel downtown Vancouver enjoying a more modern lounge style reception. The room was sectioned off into a few different zones all comprised of different food and various styles of seating.

Here's a few pics:

At one end we had: roast beef, buns & the fixin's, a mashed potato martini bar & a pasta buffet. The middle of the room had skewered chicken and lamb (with dipping sauces), assorted fine cheeses and crackers & fruit kabobs. The other end has Asian inspired dishes...sushi, spring rolls, spicy shrimp in pita bread & a few other appys. And last, but not least, my personal fav......the dessert buffet.....really, who could ask for anything more. Who needs dinner when you're got every kind of dessert a girl could every want?!?!

Even though we didn't walk away with any great prizes, it was a great date night with delicious food, a fun reason to get dressed up and a night out WITHOUT kids.

Showers of Blessings

With only days to spare before Auntie Jo was heading "up the creek" for pudding season, and only days after Cole's arrival, we were celebrating with a shower of blessing for Shawna and Baby Cole.

It was a fantastic night of great food, games, cuddles with Cole and lots of girl talk. The house was full of a wonderful group of ladies who all love Shawna and value having her in their life. Cole was blessed by his multiple "aunties" who hopefully will keep him dressed in style for the next little while. And Shawna's baking supply was bumped up as guests were asked to bring some holiday baking to help stock her freezer (and ease the holiday to-do list!).

Thanks to all who came to bless Shawna and celebrate the safe arrival of the newest Laderoute Lad!!!!

(I must share...the banner in the photo on the top right was made by Baker&Baker Creative Co. That's right ladies, my husband and I crafted it together - how 'bout that for a date night at home!!!!)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mommy & Me Movie Night

As Madelyne gets older the things we can do seem to get that much more exciting!!!!!! Being that most of the time she has energy to burn, it's not too often that we find ourselves being able to relax and watch something on TV or even a movie. Just in the past while has Madelyne actually been able to sit still enough to watch an entire, one Saturday night early in November Madelyne & I had the first of many....

"Mommy & Me Movie Night"

The feature for this occasion was Charlotte's Web, which Madelyne and I both thoroughly enjoyed. Madelyne was careful to make sure we both had a buddy and a blanket with us on the couch. It was a night full of popcorn, fun, giggles, wide eyed wonder and a few cuddles (snuck in by mom here and there!). What a great way to spend the first part of a cold Saturday night.

I love you dolly, thanks for a great date!

All in the Name of Love

Okay, so I have a confession..........
Don't get too excited, it's not that juicy! Most of November found me planning, scheming, organizing, shopping, stashing and preparing for a big surprise:


Set to happen just over a week before his actual birth-day I was fairly confident that he wouldn't suspect anything.

But how would I get him to take care of the girls the morning of the party so I could go prep food at Paul & Shawna's.....tell him I'm off to a Kids Swap and pray he doesn't ask if I found anything.

And how to get him to the church on a Saturday night.......well plan an "Amazing Date" with clues that lead him to the church on a hunt for the next clue box.

How do I get him to rearrange bedrooms of furniture to accommodate his mom and sis who were flying out from Ontario as a surprise.......tell him we're getting more international students.

How do I communicate with people about the big party.....FACEBOOK! And monitor it daily to make sure no one has made any comments that may be visible to him.

So after months of planning it all paid off. We had a fantastic time with family and friends. Enjoyed a great spread of food and soothed our soul with some sweet tunes from Jim Bugg on the sax.

As I said at the party, Matt lives in a HOUSE FULL OF FEMALES.......he needs a man's that's exactly what he got: a week long canoe trip through northern BC for July 2008.

Thank-you to all who contributed to the group gift, as well as to those to worked hard setting up the party on my behalf.

Here's a few pics from the evening:

Ah Ha! I KNEW IT!!!

~ IT'S A BOY ~
Everyone screamed as Cole Robert Laderoute made his grand entrance into the world on Thursday, November 1st @ 11:57pm.

Weighing in at 8 lbs 13oz & 22 inches long, Cole was beautiful and Shawna did amazingly well.

Being that both my girls were born via C-secion it was a special treat for me to watch my future son-in-law enter the world. I was in awe of the process and walked away wondering how someone could not believe in our mighty creator after watching a woman carry a child and give birth.

CONGRATULATIONS to Paul, Shawna & Jacob

WELCOME to Baby Cole

We love you all and can't wait to enjoy life together.....we'll bring the pink, you bring the blue!
Baby Cole only minutes old

Happy Halloween

Well, I can most definitely say that Madelyne's Tinkerbell costume got a lot of wear......she wore it to a birthday party, party day at school & Halloween.....not to mention numerous days at home.

This year we (as in our family as well as Paul, Shawna & Jacob) decided to gather at Shawna's parents - Auntie Jo & Uncle Bob's. After serious calculation we decided that their neighbourhood had the greatest number of homes in the smallest walking distance - this is a crucial fact when toting THREE kids ages THREE and under!!!!

It was a great time had by all, Auntie Jo had the best candy to snack on, the kids looked super cute in their costumes and Shawna & I stayed warm and dry inside while the men-folk took the kids around the 'hood.

Madelyne was Tinkerbell, Emma was a lion cub and Jacob was a chicken!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Congratulations Lance & Treena

On Saturday, October 27th Matt and I had the honor of attending the wedding of Lance Rourke & Treena Stewart.
* * *
We know Treena from CLA, her and I led a cell group together before I got married and she also lived in the basement suite of our first house here in Langley.
It was an exciting and special day as all God's promises for both Lance, and Treena, finally came to pass. God is so faithful to give us the desires of our hearts - I mean HE puts them there to begin with so HE may as well give them to us!
* * *
A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Lance & Treena - it was a beautiful day.
(for some reason Blogger will not let me add a few pics...I'll try again later!)

Whoot Whoot ~ Party Day, October 2007

The last class of every month at preschool is party day. Parents, friends, grandparents and even aunties are invited to join the class for the first 30 minutes. The class performs the songs and poems they have been working on and we get updates on all the happenings for the month ahead.

October party day found Wind & Tide Newlands with a race car driver and a TinkerBell that were too cute for words.
In true October - Thanksgiving - spirit their song for the month went something like this:
Give thanks everyday, for everyday things
Give thanks everyday, for everyday things
Give thanks everyday, for everyday things
Be thankful (echo: be thankful)
For the day you are given
Be thankful (echo: be thankful)
For the life you are livin'
Give thanks everyday, for everyday things


Alright, I'm not going to try and waste precious blogging time apologizing for the lack-o-blogs as of late. Life gets in the way and no offense, but the blog gets left on the sideline sometimes.

I'm back and bloggin' it get ready to catch up on the PINK BAKERS and our life!