Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Halloween

Well, I can most definitely say that Madelyne's Tinkerbell costume got a lot of wear......she wore it to a birthday party, party day at school & Halloween.....not to mention numerous days at home.

This year we (as in our family as well as Paul, Shawna & Jacob) decided to gather at Shawna's parents - Auntie Jo & Uncle Bob's. After serious calculation we decided that their neighbourhood had the greatest number of homes in the smallest walking distance - this is a crucial fact when toting THREE kids ages THREE and under!!!!

It was a great time had by all, Auntie Jo had the best candy to snack on, the kids looked super cute in their costumes and Shawna & I stayed warm and dry inside while the men-folk took the kids around the 'hood.

Madelyne was Tinkerbell, Emma was a lion cub and Jacob was a chicken!