Thursday, December 20, 2007

Showers of Blessings

With only days to spare before Auntie Jo was heading "up the creek" for pudding season, and only days after Cole's arrival, we were celebrating with a shower of blessing for Shawna and Baby Cole.

It was a fantastic night of great food, games, cuddles with Cole and lots of girl talk. The house was full of a wonderful group of ladies who all love Shawna and value having her in their life. Cole was blessed by his multiple "aunties" who hopefully will keep him dressed in style for the next little while. And Shawna's baking supply was bumped up as guests were asked to bring some holiday baking to help stock her freezer (and ease the holiday to-do list!).

Thanks to all who came to bless Shawna and celebrate the safe arrival of the newest Laderoute Lad!!!!

(I must share...the banner in the photo on the top right was made by Baker&Baker Creative Co. That's right ladies, my husband and I crafted it together - how 'bout that for a date night at home!!!!)

1 comment:

Canadian Kristin said...

That banner was AMAZING!!!!

....hey, that's me in those photos!!!! I sure was glad to come out and shower Shawna and Cole with blessings! You threw a great bash, Mrs. B.