Tuesday, December 18, 2007

All in the Name of Love

Okay, so I have a confession..........
Don't get too excited, it's not that juicy! Most of November found me planning, scheming, organizing, shopping, stashing and preparing for a big surprise:


Set to happen just over a week before his actual birth-day I was fairly confident that he wouldn't suspect anything.

But how would I get him to take care of the girls the morning of the party so I could go prep food at Paul & Shawna's.....tell him I'm off to a Kids Swap and pray he doesn't ask if I found anything.

And how to get him to the church on a Saturday night.......well plan an "Amazing Date" with clues that lead him to the church on a hunt for the next clue box.

How do I get him to rearrange bedrooms of furniture to accommodate his mom and sis who were flying out from Ontario as a surprise.......tell him we're getting more international students.

How do I communicate with people about the big party.....FACEBOOK! And monitor it daily to make sure no one has made any comments that may be visible to him.

So after months of planning it all paid off. We had a fantastic time with family and friends. Enjoyed a great spread of food and soothed our soul with some sweet tunes from Jim Bugg on the sax.

As I said at the party, Matt lives in a HOUSE FULL OF FEMALES.......he needs a man's vacation....so that's exactly what he got: a week long canoe trip through northern BC for July 2008.

Thank-you to all who contributed to the group gift, as well as to those to worked hard setting up the party on my behalf.

Here's a few pics from the evening:


Canadian Kristin said...

Woman...you ROCK!

Canadian Kristin said...

Oh.....and Happy Birthday, Matt!!!! That trip sounds VERY cool!