Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mommy & Me Movie Night

As Madelyne gets older the things we can do seem to get that much more exciting!!!!!! Being that most of the time she has energy to burn, it's not too often that we find ourselves being able to relax and watch something on TV or even a movie. Just in the past while has Madelyne actually been able to sit still enough to watch an entire movie....so, one Saturday night early in November Madelyne & I had the first of many....

"Mommy & Me Movie Night"

The feature for this occasion was Charlotte's Web, which Madelyne and I both thoroughly enjoyed. Madelyne was careful to make sure we both had a buddy and a blanket with us on the couch. It was a night full of popcorn, fun, giggles, wide eyed wonder and a few cuddles (snuck in by mom here and there!). What a great way to spend the first part of a cold Saturday night.

I love you dolly, thanks for a great date!

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Canadian Kristin said...

I love sneaking away with some "big kid time" with my oldests.... glad you could have this special Madelyne time!