Sunday, January 18, 2009

Clean Easy, Clean Fast!

Hey Girls,

Have you heard about Norwex? Click here to go to the Norwex web page...I was introduced to them a while ago via my aunt (okay, my hubs aunt, same diff!!!) at a home party she did down here on the coast (she lives in Kelowna) for a friend of hers. They have some AMAZING products that make cleaning your home (or office) a snap, but best of all you don't need to use chemicals. They lessen the time you spend cleaning and give you a safer, healthier, chemical fee home.

I decided to try a couple things and I ordered the dusting mit (for ALL my slat blinds) as well as the microfiber cloths. Needless to say I love them!!! I have one for the bathroom, one for the kitchen and one for misc items/dusting through the house. I also have a window polishing cloth that makes windows, mirrors and glass shower doors shine beautifully.

I will say that the products are a bit more expensive to start off with, but if you add up what you spend on swiffers, swiffer refills, cleaners, paper towels, mops, cleaning cloths, will spend less (who doesn't like to save cash?!?!?) overall.

What's the difference between a Norwex cloth and a cloth from the dollar store? Well, Norwex cloths have silver - a known natural antibacterial agent, used in space by NASA - woven into them. This is what works to kill the germs you pick up while cleaning. The fiber in these cloths is 1/100th the size of a human hair - most dollar store microfiber cloths are only 1/3.

At the party I was at, my aunt, Esther, took a glob of butter and smeared it on a glass window. Then she took a damp cloth and wiped it off - the window was cleaner than when she started and the microfiber had basically "eaten" up the butter. She passed the cloth around and there was no way you could see or feel or smell where the butter was in the cloth. It was crazy!!!

Here's a few other products they have that are fabulous:
The Wet/Dry Mop - way better than any swiffer

Personal Products - bathrobes, towels, spa socks

Natural based home essentials - hand soap, carpet stain buster, cleaning/polishing paste, mattress cleaner / descaler (for hard water build-up on shower doors), laundry and dish soap

Fresh wash - cleaner for fruits and veg

If you want to clean faster, clean easier and clean healthier then Norwex is for you!!!! If you are interested in Norwex products, would like to learn more or see a catalogue, let me know, I am hosting a catelogue party and will be accepting orders until January 28th.

Happy Cleaning!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A New Family Member

Okay, so today was a typical Saturday for us....a hodge-podge of household chores, a birthday party thrown in for good measure and some baking to finish off the day.

Part way through the day Madelyne is telling me about her baby - this week its a soft and cuddly stuffed cat that she got ages ago, but, it's THE buddy this week so it goes everywhere. Okay fine, she's playing with her buddy and tells me her baby has a name....this is quite unlike Miss M because even with a real pet - her fish - she refused to name him.....this is how the conversation went:

Madelyne: "come on Pissy, let's go for a walk..."

Mom: "pardon-me?"

Madelyne: "mom, I'm taking my cat Pissy for a walk"

Mom: (laughing so hard I almost wet my pants! - which isn't hard to do after having two ten pound babies!!!)

Mom: "Pissy, hey?!?!"

Madelyne: "Yep, Pissy, isn't she pretty?!?!?"

So yes, the newest family member is a toy cat...fondly and most innocently named Pissy.

'nough said :-)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Year...New ???

Well, 2009 is well on it's way and it seems like the calendar is quickly filling up. Over the past couple weeks I've really been pondering what I want this new year to look like. Not that it's
completely in my control, but, as God speaks to me I really want to heed His words and shape this year to be the best it can be for me, for my family and for my God.

Something I'm going to really choose to focus on this year is "prioritizing" which first and foremost means putting me back at the top of my priority list. I don't know about your house, but in mine mommy is the last to get ready, the last to eat and the first to clean-up!!! God has really been speaking to my heart about how important I am as a wife and mother. How I have been designed to be the hub of the wheel of my family. Nothing will work properly if I am out of line, I will effect - both positively and negatively - the rest of my family and the dynamics of my household. So, to be the best I can be, to have a happy house and and a thriving family, I need to make myself a priority.

It's not a new concept, I know, but I think we just trudge along for so long doing all that NEEDS to be done without really taking the time to stop and make conscious changes.

With that said, we have scratched some activities from the calendar (at least for a short season) in order to ease my days and my running to and fro. I have designated specific "at home days" to allow myself and my kids to rest & and Matt and I have set some specific goals we'd like to reach together.

So with this New Year what's New for you???? What does your calendar look like and what's your focus going to be. If you haven't thought about it yet, I encourage you to ask God what He wants for you this year, and if you have thought about it, I'd love to hear where you see 2009 taking you.