Saturday, January 17, 2009

A New Family Member

Okay, so today was a typical Saturday for us....a hodge-podge of household chores, a birthday party thrown in for good measure and some baking to finish off the day.

Part way through the day Madelyne is telling me about her baby - this week its a soft and cuddly stuffed cat that she got ages ago, but, it's THE buddy this week so it goes everywhere. Okay fine, she's playing with her buddy and tells me her baby has a name....this is quite unlike Miss M because even with a real pet - her fish - she refused to name him.....this is how the conversation went:

Madelyne: "come on Pissy, let's go for a walk..."

Mom: "pardon-me?"

Madelyne: "mom, I'm taking my cat Pissy for a walk"

Mom: (laughing so hard I almost wet my pants! - which isn't hard to do after having two ten pound babies!!!)

Mom: "Pissy, hey?!?!"

Madelyne: "Yep, Pissy, isn't she pretty?!?!?"

So yes, the newest family member is a toy cat...fondly and most innocently named Pissy.

'nough said :-)


Shawna said...

Just tell me, is "Pissy" a girl, cause if so...Matt is so out numbered now...Mama Pink, Big Girl Pink, 'Lil Sister Pink and Pissy Pink!!!

Jennifer Stare said...

I am killing myself laughing!!! That has to take the best name for a toy animal EVER!! you need to document that :) Thanks for the laugh

Jennifer said...

Lisa, I am killing myself laughing!!!! That has to be the best name EVER for a toy animal."Pissy" seriously, where did she get that from? HAHA!!! Make sure you document that!! Thanks for the laugh :)
See ya Wednesday

Jenn VH said...

That girl of yours!! She can keep you laughing, that's for sure!! Welcome to the Baker family, Pissy! :o)

Jason and Kristin said...

HA HA - that's awesome! I love it!

The Samy's said...

Haha, a much needed laugh. I will have to tell Bobby what we get to look forward too.

Laura said...

Oh, that is hilarious! Out of the innocent mouth of babes :) Love it

roo said...

i'm crying with laughter! Miss M FINALLY came through with a name and what a great name it is!! Can't wait to meet Pissy:)

Amanda said...

Miss M is too funny! So innocent in naming her cat and we all get a great laugh out of it!

Annika said...

Okay, Lisa, this has to be the most priceless thing I have read in a long time! What a cutie your Madelyne is!

Kristin said...