Thursday, January 17, 2008

Traditions - Part 1

One of my favourite traditions around the holidays is spending time in the kitchen doing some good ol' fashion baking. Shortbread, nanaimo bars, almond bark, bird's nest (or thumbprints), spiced nuts.....mmmmmmm yummy treats to fill our tummy's while visiting with family and friends.

This year Shawna and the boys came over and we spent the better part of one day making two different types of cookies - keep in mind we were also taking care for four kids ages three and under. We decided to try two recipes we had sampled at our Happy Housewives Christmas party: Chocolate Espresso Coffeebeans (a shortbread cookie) and Chestnuts (peanut butter balls). Both batches made a crazy amount of cookies - I think we averaged around 200 coffee beans and 250 peanut butter balls.

It was a fantastic day and a great the kids get older it will be fun to see them get involved too.
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Shawna said...

That was quite the day....and I now need to go on a diet until next Christmas to get rid of all the extra lbs. from that day :P

Canadian Kristin said...

Can I please come over to spend the day!? I'm not interested in the baking part, but would love to hang out in the kitchen and watch you two having crazy cookie baking fun!