Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How Do You Measure?

Okay, this post is inspired by a wonderful email I received from my husband. Words full of encouragement, hope, love and grace.

This is my question to you: "How Do You Measure the Work of A Stay at Home Mom?

Now, think about this for a minute....

My love is a mechanic by trade, if every car he fixed never ran smooth again or continued to break down - would he be a good mechanic?

If a lawyer never won a case for their client - are they a good lawyer?

If a doctor always gave the wrong diagnosis - should he/she still be practicing medicine?

If a mom's kids continue to misbehave - is she a good (meaning: successful) mom?

If the food from dinner doesn't get vaccuumed off the floor but instead gets swiffered up by the toddler crawling around once dinner is done - is she a good/ successful mom?

If the laundry doesn't get folded and put away - but instead is used all over again right from the basket - is she a successful mom?

If your kids end up turning from God - are you a successful mom?

Ladies.....I'm interested to hear you thoughts on this....please share.


MamaJo said...

Check out my mighty cathedral builder....blessings to you and yours on Valentine's Day

Shawna said...

Yikes -- I hadn't read your blog, weird how God has such fantastic timing.

Shawna said...

I will be back to comment...just don't have time now :)

Canadian Kristin said...

For me, the hardest part of this is that "successful Mom" is the mom, to that specific child, to the family they live in, to the circumstance of the moment. If a lawyer is good, he knows the law and can successfully navigate the legal system. The same legal system that all lawyers work within. For a mom, there is no one "law", nor is the "system" static...children grow and change and evolve. One of my thinks is this: a successful mom is one who truly strives to know her child, and can truly breathe in peace knowing that together they are growing and changing and evolving together days of surviving AND days of surviving. That I know that I know my child, that is my success.

Canadian Kristin said...

typo...."surviving AND thriving"