Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just In Case You Were Curious!?!?

Say, per chance, you were looking for something in your make-up bag and your FULL bottle of OPI "Lincoln Park After Dark" nail polish popped out of your make-up bag and fell onto your bathroom tile floor....
(I mean let's remember it's early in the morning and you probably haven't had enough coffee yet to stimulate your cat-like reflexes)

Just in case you were curious.....tile floors and bottles of nail polish plummeting to the ground with the full pull of the earth's gravitational forces DON'T WORK WELL TOGETHER

Just in case you were curious if the bottle shatters into a million pieces...IT DOES

Just in case you were curious if the polish splatters everywhere like graffiti...IT DOES

Just in case you were curious if you'll be more mad about loosing the nail polish than the floor....YOU WILL

Just in case you were wondering if you'll need a whole bottle of nail polish remover to clean up the mess......YOU WILL

Just in case you were wondering if you'll have to wash the floor about three times after...YOU WILL

Just in case this happens to you....take heart, it happened to me this now you know how I spent my relaxing Tuesday morning at home.

Just in case you were curious.


Jennifer said...

UMMMM...yeah, That is NOT fun !!
And Lincon Park after dark? could it be any darker HAHA
I did the exact same thing but with a bright OPI red called "The thrill of Brazil" stained the grout on the tile :(
If you stil need nail polish remover I have some professional strength at home!! I really works well.
Bless you...thanks for sharing your crazy moring

Canadian Kristin said...

Oh NO!! So seriously not-fun for your relaxing Thursday!!!!

LOVE your new blog look, love LOVE that crazy-awesome b-day cake you made, love my crockpot and so need to have some Lisa time.....hmmmmmm.....who serves brunch a la childcare?! :-)

Joanne said...

Oh, Lisa....really..what were you going to do all morning, anyways?! Love your new look on the blog...I've missed visiting here the last few weeks. Love you!

Amanda said...

Oh dear. I can only imagine how you felt losing your bottle of coveted nail polish! No really, I am sorry you had to spend you morning in such a state. Argh!

Shawna said...

Love the NEW you on here!!!

And Lincoln Park After Dark..NOOOOOO!!!! I love that colour!

Nothing is your own after you have kids, not even your fav. nail polish!!!!

Carrie said...

Ohhh...I can only imagine the mess!

Cathy said...

Oh my...not a great way to start your day!

We have had our share of spills etc. around our place, but THANKFULLY no nail polish.

I am glad you could share this :D

You take care!