Thursday, May 28, 2009

Raggamuffin' Garland ~ The Reveal

Alright, as I type this post I have awarded myself "the most negligent blogger" award of 2009! Seriously, life has just gotten away from me, and no offense, blogging has not been even remotely near the top of this girl's list. But, I'm back at 'em now and have a number of things I'm ready to blog let the fun begin!

A while ago a did a post on my newest project - a Ragamuffin Garland - I saw on Nester's web-page. I loved this idea and thought it would be a perfect addition the girl's bedroom. Here are a few of the reason's I like this idea for a kid's room:
1. It's cheap
2. You can make it in less than a day = instant gratification
3. It's child friendly - even for the most meschevious of wee ones
4. It's so dang cute!

So, I made two garlands, the first one I ended up having to tweak at the end as I learnt a few things between the making of garland one and garland two. But in the end I love them....I did pick up a few embellishments to add a bit of bling and texture, as well as their initials (which I already had but you could buy at the dollar store and paint). They are up and I love the look of them, it fills up the space about their beds nicely and is easy to move or change as time allows.

If you're interested in making one of these and want some tips let me know, I'll gladly share what I learnt.

Keep checking back as I have another project complete that I will be posting on soon and one more future project in my garage that will be done this summer.

Be blessed my friends,
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Shawna said...

SUPER Cute! I love the finished product! Great job!

Tawn said...

Ok ... LOVE your girly style!!! If I have a daughter, you are going to massively need to help me!! I'll be sooo lost! Right now, we're working on Josiah's CARS bedroom ... far from girly, that's for sure :-) ...

Sandy said...

Hi Lisa, I love the garland.
And I agree - we'd all have a blast getting together for dinner!
Where do you live? hee hee.

Happy Weekend. Love, S

Kristin said...

So cute! Love the messy-love it adds to that beautiful room! Really great job on this project!

Cathy said...

What a beautiful girls room! I would love to learn more about the garland!

I have five girls, and three of my little girls would love this!