Friday, August 22, 2008

Pleading the 5th!

(This is a pic of Miss M & her b-day cake...more on that in my next post!)

I just had to share this with you since it has me in stiches every time I think about the coversation in my head....
On Wednesday Madelyne and Emma were playing together and, as usual, in no time at all one of them was screaching at the other. I walked into the room where they were playing to see what the battle of the moment was. Emma was on the floor crying and Madelyne had a toy in her hand that Emma was pointing at. Mom's intuition told me that Emma had a toy Madelyne wanted so Madelyne pulled it from Emma and pushed her to the floor in the process. This is the conversation that followed:
Mommy: "Girls, what's going on?"

Madelyne: "Mom, Emma had the Barbie & I wanted it..."
Emma: "Me Emma!"

Mommy: "Thanks love, yes I know you are Emma."

Mommy: "Madelyne, did Emma have the toy first?"

Madelyne: "Yah"

Mommy: "And how did Emma end up on the floor?"

Madelyne: "She fell down"

Emma: "Me Emma!"

Mommy: "Did you kind'a push her when you were getting the toy away from her?"

Madelyne: "NO!" (In a defensive tone that tells me she totally did!)

Mommy: "Love, give the toy back to Emma..."

Mommy: "Thank-you, now do you want to tell me if you pushed Emma or if she fell?"

Madelyne: "No" (getting more and more frustrated)

Mommy: "Love, in the Bible it tells us not to lie, you need to tell the truth....we need to obey what Jesus tells us to do and how to act."

Madelyne: In a fit of frustration yells: "Well I haven't read that part yet!" And storms off.

I was laughing so hard I didn't even follow her.....out of the room.
Pleading the 5th at four years old......Lord, give me strength!


Auntie Roo said...

that is priceless...oh Miss M!! i wonder if us adults can use that same excuse:)

Christy said...

That is SO adorable. Kids say the darndest hey?

Jenn VH said...

So happy to see this on your blog!! She truly is a hilarious little girl!! Really enjoyed our time out today at the Golden Arches...looking forward to next time.
xo Jenn

Jason and Kristin said...

hahaha - that is a great story! I love it.

Amanda said...

That is a fantastic story Lisa! Too cute!

unknown said...
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Carrie said...

That's cute!

Kelly MacNeil said...

What precious daughters you have. I love Emma's response!!!