Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This summer Madelyne celebrated her fourth birthday. This year the theme was western - cowgirl, to be exact. She's been on quite a cowgirl kick for a while now, so much so that we've collected boots, a hat, a denim dress and a skirt with a matching jacket. She loves to yell out a good "yeeee haaaawwww" and has even done so in the middle of the sanctuary as her Sunday morning greeting to Pastor Brent (thank goodness he's gracious!).
We had a wonderful time celebrating with a group of friends as well as Grampy (my dad) and Uncle Josh (my brother) thrown in for good measure. Here's a few pics of the down home western fun we had...
This is a picture of part of the the Happy Birthday banner I had up in the kitchen.

Two tiers of chocolate goodness with a cowgirl hat on top. Thanks to Auntie Shawna for all your help into the wee hours of the morning to perfect this beauty!

We couldn't have enough cowgirl hats - we had them hanging everywhere!

The goodie bags - "M" for Madelyne

The Birthday Girl:
We had a saddle set up on a hay bail on the deck, as each child arrived they got a turn and we took their picture on it - I used these pics for the thank-you cards.

Madelyne & Luke (aka:Lukie) good buddies!

We had hail bails set up in the back yard for seating and after crafts, food and cake Sheriff Matt arranged them in rows and supervised hail bail races. It was a big hit!

Three little blond cowgirls all in a row:

Daddy & his four year old girl.


Christy said...

You throw quite a party! Looks like it was a kids paradise.

Amanda said...

Looks like a lot of fun! And another great cake!

Anna said...

Cowgirl chocolates would go great with your party theme and your little cowgirl would love them.

Jenn VH said...

What a fun party!! I'll be sure to add the photos I took into Madelyne's photo file :).
~Jenn :)

Jason and Kristin said...

That looked like it was a ton of fun! You are so creative...I love the cake and the goodie bags! Your girls are so lucky to have a mom like you!

Cathy said...

What a great party! I really love the cake that Shawna made too! It looks like a great day, and your daughter must have had a great day!

One of my daughters just turned four too! Four is fun!


Lisa B. said...

Thanks Cathy,yes, the cake was a fun Friday night project :-)

I had the idea in my head and Shawna was gracious enough to come over and guide me through the process.

It turned out just as I imagined :-)