Thursday, September 25, 2008

Let's Brunch!

As I look outside today at the rain pelting down and flowing down our hill at a rapid rate I'm inspired to stay inside. Are you? With the arrival of Fall and the coziness of the season I love to have delicious food in the house.....I especially love breakfast food and I love to have brunch on Sunday after church.

Big or small, fancy or simply, brunch seems to be a meal the pleases most and it usually offers a warm comforting hug at the same time, with nothing expected in return.

Today I challenge you: DO BRUNCH WITH SOMEONE!

Think of someone (this may be a couple a single or a family) that you haven't connected with in sometime and invite them over. Forget about your house, your carpet that needs a cleaning, your kids and even'll be surprised how much you enjoy the time around the table when you share it with others.

Let me know if you brunch, and, if you have a favorite brunch recipe you want to share, I'd love that too!


Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

I had a brunch on Sunday. Brunch with 40+ actually! It was Makena's dedication and I made (with help) wifesaver, scones, muffins, sausages and fruit platters. It was delish and the fellowship was great!

The Samy's said...

One of my favorite brunch meals is salmon benedict. You toast focaccia bread and spread cream cheese all over the top, then add thin layers of smoked salmon, then your egg and drizzle with a little bit of hollandaise sauce (add extra spices to it if you like it hot like my husband) and a little chopped parsley on top! It is so delish! I usually serve hashbrowns and fresh fruit salad with it. If anyone tries it out then let me know how it goes!

Jason and Kristin said...

I love brunch too! Great idea...thanks for the "nudge"!