Saturday, September 13, 2008

Women's Wednesday

Earlier this year a few of us had the privledge of attending a wonderful women's conference. We left with a stirring in our spirit. We had been encouraged, challenged and inspired to do something in our own church - really - with the size and all it's only natural it would be a hub for the community and the body of Christ. Little did we know that God had something exciting in store......

Before we knew it "Women's Wednesday" was born. A once a month evening gathering for women of all ages. A time and place to come and be encouraged and strengthened in our walk with our amazing God. Some nights are more fun and some more serious, but all in all a delicate balance to meet the needs of our women.

Shawna and I have been going a hundred miles an hour since. We wrote up a business plan and budget in one night, presented it the next and as they say...the rest is history.

Our heart is for women, for the struggles they face, for the hats they wear, for the power they have but don't realize it or they don't want to realize the impact they could have in this world. We long to see friendships dive to new depths as we become real with one another through the good, bad and ugly.

The above pictures are a few shots of the beginning of our vision. We hosted a by invitation only event at the end of July to share our hearts and our vision for Women at CLA. It was a wonderful night full of laughter, tears and the uniting of hearts. We were amazed at the support we received and the team we have begun to form.

I write all this not to toot my own horn, but to submit this to you for prayer. This Wednesday is our first OFFICIAL event of the season. We joke when we see an announcement in the bulletin or on the screen at church, "there's no turning back now!" But really, for us this happened in a single moment. One moment we were talking about it and the next we had walked into God's plan and purpose for our lives right now.

So, will you pray? Will you believe that God will use the dreams and visions of two stay at home moms to touch women inside and outside the church in a new and powerful way? Will you pray that we grow leap and bounds, that each night God's presence is so strong and so powerful that lives are healed and transformed into all God wants them to be? Will you pray we have fun, that we don't burn out & that we still love each other at the end of all this (okay, joking.....kind'a!)?

Believing for great things....

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Christy said...

Praying for your ministry.....XOXOX

Carrie said...

Praying with you for great things!

Shawna said...

Great post Lise...I'm still in the shock of it all!

Praise be to God, He is good!

Joanne said...

Excited and thrilled about Women's Wednesdays. Love how you have put feet to your ideas and wings to your hearts. Just know that I am always praying for you.

Jenn VH said...

So awesome for you girls to see God's plan and run with it!! I am so proud of you both for what you're already accomplished and what is to come! You have my prayers and support--in whatever way you need. (((hugs))) to you!
Love Jenn