Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer Re-Cap | What NOT To Do When Visiting Your In-Laws!

What a better way to kick off September than with a long overdue summer re-cap! As I'm sure many of you would agree, summer has flown by, and, with a Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand (mmmmm) I am welcoming in fall with everything within me!

But, since summer has been a blog free one for me, I thought a summer recap would be in order.
Our summer started on a fantastic note. Right after school was done we headed out on a jet plane to the oh so tropical...drum roll please...Ontario!

And before you ask, nope, we're not crazy! "To the land of snow and ice," you ask? Well, since all Matt's family lives in that land of snow and ice (can you tell I'm BC girl through and through?) we thought it was time to go for a visit and in the process get some babysitting from Grandma and Grandpa B.

After only being there a few days I had a strange feeling that something was "up." While we were out doing some shopping I thought, ahhh, it can't hurt, and tossed a pregnancy test in the cart. Matt's reaction was hilarious, "what, you think you need that?!?!" (You see, I've done so many in the last while it's become slightly comical!) I couldn't wait once we got home and thought it was best to do it right away, get it out of my system and then forget about it.

This is where the "what NOT to do at your in-laws" would apply:
Don't pee on a stick in the downstair bathroom....because, when it comes up glowing POSITIVE there's no way you're going to be able to keep that secret and then you're going to have share the secret and in the process confess you went pee on a stick to your mother-in-law in her house and confess that you had S*X with her son in the last month!

Can you say W I E R D?!?!

Thankfully the excitement of a new grandbaby on the way soon overshadowed the wierd. The journey we've travelled the last year and a half all of the sudden ended and the faithful prayers of many (including yes, my MIL) were answered!

To me, in that one moment I knew so strongly why God had been telling me to let go of being in leadership at Women's Wednesday. He gives and takes away.....when I agreed to give up WW little did I know all He had in store.

So yes, baby number three is on the way and we are truly delighted. I am due at the end of February and looking forward to not going through another summer being fully pregnant.

More on Baby B to come soon!


Kristin said...

Hmmm, me think this baby has lots of fun in store for you... just look at how he/she introduced him/herself!!!

Joanne said...

So very happy for you and your gorwing family! God is good!

Joanne said...

Okay...note to self-type-then check...you definitely do NOT have a gor-wing family....growing, yes...gor-wing, no. LOL

Laura said...

Yay!! Lisa, I am SO happy for you, Matt and the girls. Another wee babe to bless your family! I think your story is a great one - what a fun memory to have and share! Blessings to you as you journey through your pregnancy and embrace all that God has for you. He is so good, and so faithful.
Looking forward to hearing all about Baby B in the weeks/months to come!

Tawn said...


Just so very happy for you. God's mercys are new every morning ... He hears the cries of our heart.

Such a good God :-).

Char said...

I wish you could see the huge grin on my face and the happiness in my heart! The is going to be an amazing year!!!!