Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My First Blog Contest!

Happy New Year! I hope that you and your family had a wonderful and blessed holiday season. We truly had a great Christmas surrounded by family and friends, a little bit slower pace than years past, but with a very prego mama running the show it seemed like the perfect speed.

I am excited to kick off 2010 with my very FIRST blog contest:

"New Baby, New Name!"

I need your help girls, Baby Baker is due sooner than later and in case you hadn't heard - we will be adding a significant splash of blue to our oh-so-pink house. We are very excited about our new family member and each night from 9-11pm as he wiggles and dances around I get more and more anxious to see this little man in person.

But, with two pink and one blue we can't really continue as "The Pink Bakers" - and yes, pink plus blue would make some shade of purple, but somehow the "Purple Bakers" doesn't have the same ring to it. So, I thought what a better way to get a new name for my blog than to make it into a contest - with the final prize yet to be revealed - don't worry, it WILL be something good!

Of course, it's not just up to me - the "hubs" will have his say and we'll review the entries together - if you know him at all you know he's particular and has opinions - so get your thinking cap on.

You can submit multiple entries for what you think my new blog name should be anytime from now up until 10pm next Wednesday - January 13th. Then "hubs" and I will review them and decide on our favourite and announce the winner within 48hours of the contest closing.

I look forward to hearing all your great ideas.


Kristin Erickson said...

Beautiful Bakers jumps to mind as I think of your smiling eyes, your warmth, your sincerity, your heart, your gorgeousness and that beautiful family you are being blessed with becoming!

Am so excited to meet your sweet boy... blessings.

Kristin Erickson said...

Beyond Measure (blessed beyond, messes beyond, fun beyond... family life really is 'beyond measure' on so many levels, isn't it!!!)
Blessed Bakers
A Dash of Blue... in a Pink Baker World

[tee hee]

Tawn said...

Hmmmm ... oh dear. Let's see. "And Then There Were Five" ... "Pink+Blue=Love" or something like that? ... um. "Triple Decker Bakers" *ok. I laughed outloud with that one ... I saw an actual baker in my head ...* ... What's it called when a hockey player shoots 3 goals? Ummmmmm ... "Hat Trick Bakers" or something like that? (my brain is starting to hurt) ... if you name him Owen, you could call it "ELMMO" for all your intials *laughing outloud again*. Ok - I'm officially onto lame ideas ... I'll be back with better ones :-) ...

Roo said...

Party of Five...the tv show was a hit so i'm sure this blog name will be too :)

Stan and Erika Tadeja said...

The "Baker Bunch" .... kinda like the "Brady Bunch"!! :) "The Bake-rrr Bunch, the Baker Bunch..."[singing] lol I'm sure we'll come up with more!

Jennifer said...

Oh, How fun...mmmmm..lets think...Abounding with Love, Nestled in his Love or Blessings? And a boy makes Five,
The pink Bakers with a fresh splash of blue, Oh...I need to stop!They are getting silly ;)

Anonymous said...

suggestions from Aunt Teresa:
-West Coast Five..(instead of West coast Jive)
-West Set...instead of West Jet.
-Five Alive
-B.C. =Baker Clan
-Four + Him....instead of Four Him
-Pink+ Son
-West Side Story
-Pacific Bakers
-"Matt's Brats"

Laura said...

What are you hoping to achieve with the title? Is it something about you? Or do you want your whole family involved...

1."The Laundry Princess" subtitle: "Caring for all my Lords and Ladies"
2."Blue skies and cherry pies" (blue for the boys and pink for the girls:) awww)
3."Who knew there was a colour blue?"

That's all I've got :) for now..... have fun coming up with your name Lisa! And so excited for the little bundle arriving soon!

Sherri Adi said...

So excited for you guys!

"Color me Purple" (pink+blue=purple)

Laura said...

"Green is a happy medium"
"two stars and a little dipper" subtitle: "lighting up my world"
hmm...I don't know about that one, I guess people could read into it on so many levels. But it sounds cute to say :) the two stars being your girls get it.
"Dump trucks and barbie dolls"
ok, that's it.

Candice said...

Pinky Blue

Candice said...

OH, that could also be "Pinky Blue Bakers" :o)
...almost sounds like "Peek A Boo".

Anonymous said...

And the winner is????? Please also announce your pick through the family hotline for those who aren't on facebook. thanks guys, this was fun!

Rebecca Del Pozo said...

Wow- you girls are SO creative. I can't think of anything at the moment... but man you have some great ones to choose from! I laughed out loud too at "Triple Decker Bakers"!!! I like A dash of blue in a pink Baker world! and Dump trucks and barbie dolls too. Have fun! What a great idea. Love you! Rebecca