Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School | The Love of Routine and All things FALL

Tuesday marked the first day of school for one very big girl in our house!
Miss Madelyne is a serious school girl this year - I mean we're talkin' first grade, all day, every day. Lunch at school and fun on the playground with all her friends.

Her supplies were labeled, organized and ready to go:

We had stopped by the school on Labour Day to see who her teacher was and check out the class list:

Here's my big girl all ready to rock grade one:

Did I cry, you ask?? Well, the day of school - NO - I know this is going to be such a great year from her, the day before as I prepared everything - YES - and here's why:

Part of me wonders if I've done all I needed to do to prepare her for this big, and sometimes, nasty world we live in. From now on she'll get just as much "deposited" into her from others as she will from her daddy and me. In her six years of life she really only been a part from me for a handful of days, so to release her into this big world of ours is overwhelming at times.

Sounds a little dramatic when you put it in the context of grade one, so, here is a taste of what my prayer for Miss Mo has been as she embarks on years ahead of full time school:

Lord, she's yours. She always will be. I'm here to teach her, guide her and help her be the girl YOU made her to be. I pray that all she knows to be right and true would stay deeply routed in her soul. That as each day goes by she would learn and grow but always stay firmly grounded in the roots we have established for her. Thank-you Lord for the good things you have for her, for all that is to come and how you will use her - even in grade one - to shine for you. May she not be affected or drawn away by all that the world can tell her, would she hold tightly to what her soul knows to be true. May this year be full of learning and fun, new friendships and more quality time as our time together is now so limited.


Christy said...

Okay, you people and love of all things fall and spicy pumkpin cappucionos or whatever they are called, I will NEVER understand :)
You're daughters are so shines right through the pictures!

auntie roo said...

with those boots Miss M is off to a GREAT start!!

Anonymous said...

What an articulate and wise prayer, Momma!