Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School | The Love of Routine and All things FALL - PART TWO

Back to school was EQUALLY exciting - if not more so - for another little lady in our house. Miss Emma-Bemma was starting her second year of preschool and she was bouncing around the house once Wednesday morning arrived.

She was adamant she got to go to school on Tuesday when her sister did, so, she packed up a backpack FULL of treasures to take to school and put on her nicest dress. Unfortunately all she got that day was a date to Starbucks with mom and the backpack stayed in the car.

But, once Wednesday came, it was Emma's day and she was ready:
I am so thrilled to see Emma have the time - without big sister around - to really let her own little personality shine. She is a sweet girl, she always has been, and I pray she'll always keep that soft & sensitive little spirit of hers. Along with that she is silly and such a goof ball. And really is Miss Personality.

I know she is going to have a fabulous year ahead full of learning, fun and a great memories.
When we arrived at school it took everything I had to convince her I DID have to come in with her. She was ready to jump out of the van to head in on her own.

And when I picked her up she said, "Mom, I had a fabulous day at school!"

Doesn't that just make you smile.

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Christy said...

She's such a big little girl....and so confident and independant!