Wednesday, February 1, 2012

| Can I Have & Do it All, Please | Chapter 3 & 4

My third class was a jammed packed one! Due to one less teaching week this session we had to squish two chapters into one week...a HUGE task....considering each chapter is full of great nuggets of information....combine that with a room full of ladies and you have a monumental challenge!

I have to say...we did pretty good at plowing's a quick recap of what we chatted about:

Chapter Three
focused on the idea of purpose and ultimately challenged us to truly assess what our purpose is? What is our potential? What are your gifts, talents and passions?

On page 50, Christine Caine writes:

"we must ensure our "all" is actually the purpose God had in mind when He created us.  If you try to pursue any other "all" you will never be satisfied."

Good stuff I tell ya!  

We were challenged, again, not to settle for anything LESS than God's best - HIS ultimate purpose & plan for our lives.  Christine Caine coined the phrase "life print" in this chapter and it sums things up so perfectly. 

Just as God created each one of us with a unique fingerprint, so did He create each one of us with a unique life print - divinely created and perfect only for us. 

As we embrace the life print God has for us we begin to recognize the places in our lives where we have fallen into the trap of comparison and carbon copies.  Instead of competing with one another, we can cheer one another on, instead of trying to be like everyone around us we can be fully confident in the skills, abilities and passions the creator has placed inside of us.

If you're not sure what your "life print" looks like, or maybe even feel like you've lost yourself and have no clue what your passions and skills are then try to answer a few of these questions from the end of the chapter:

* What is it that I've been good at since an early age?
* What do others look at me doing that would be hard for them, but seem effortless to me?
* What am I most passionate about?
* What subjects could I talk about for hours and days without loss of momentum?
* What would I do if money were not an issue?
* What part of the globe or cultures do I have a passion for?

Chapter Four
focused on the idea of identity.  Building off chapter three and understanding we are pursuing our own unique life print and purpose we jumped into the idea of WHO WE ARE.

On page 67, Christine Caine writes: 
"you see, if I allow all the different roles to define me instead of who I truly am in Christ defining them, I'm going to get all messed up."

So who ARE you? Do you let those roles define you? Do you get your self worth from the roles you play or the things you do?  

Well, maybe it's time to take a step back, shift your focus back to Jesus and let him refill you with the identity, purpose and passions he created you for.

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