Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Can't Believe I Said THAT!

I have to admit, I shocked myself not to long ago with a phrase of words that came out of my mouth, maybe you can relate, maybe not, nonetheless, here it goes:

I was talking with my amazing MIL in the phone one night and sharing with her some of the struggles we're currently facing with one of our kids.  She is an awesome mom and grandma, filled with faith and probably has the same level of patience that Jesus had for his *oh so human* disciples....honestly...she is amazing and so wise.

It was during the conversation that I said a phrase I NEVER thought I'd say:

"I'd take the sleepless nights over THIS right now!"  

GAHHH, me, the girl who could sleep 12 hours a night, ready and willing to give it up in trade for a reprieve from some of the parenting woes you face as your kids grow up and start spending more time in a day at school with their teacher, and with their friends, than with you.  

It's not easy - duhhh - got that memo a while ago.....but there are sure days it wears you out.  Guess that's why when you have a baby you really have no clue what your in for! God's got a great sense of humour, hey!?

Today in my Women by Design class we talked about keep on going, to persevere, to sustain, to have patience.....all of which are MUST have attributes in life and in parenting. 

So be encouraged today, have to patience and perseverance to finish well.  Cling to HIM for all you need in that situation that is pushing you to your limits.  I know I am.

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Shawna said...

Sure is a wake up call being a parent to a little person...not toddler, not baby but little person!

Glad He's giving you strength!