Friday, September 14, 2007

My Favourite Time of the Year

Okay, so anyone who knows me even remotely well can attest to the fact that I love fall! I am a turtleneck girl through and through and the fact that the air is getting crisp, its been a tad foggy in the mornings and the leaves are starting to change all gets me pumped for FALL. I love it when the air is crisp enough for a great sweater, but the sun is still shining enough to warrant sunglasses. Ahhhh, it's delightful!
Last week I hosted a Spa Party at my place so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get out my fall decorations and make the house feel a little more cozy.
I can almost smell the pumpkin pie in the oven.........doesn't it just make you feel good inside?!?!


Shawna said...

Your house looked amazing and I can't wait to see what it looks like for your little Apples Birthday...I have to agree with you, one of my favorite times of the year is also Fall - I just love it!!!

Amanda said...

I agree, fall is one of my favorite times of the year! I love sweaters and decorating and candles and all that comes with it! It is fabulous!

Canadian Kristin said...

I KNEW we were kindred spirits!!!