Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mother of Many!

Okay, so if you have more than five kids you can join a mom's group called, "Mothers of Many." Personally, I don't know if I could ever handle more than five kids - but this week I am - at least part time anyways.

Our great friends, Grant and Jenn, are expecting the arrival of their third babe anytime now. In fact, Jenn has had some major contractions for the last few days. All of this adds up to two false alarms, one Sunday and one today.

So right now I'm a part-time "mother of many" - here's the list:
Madelyne (mine biologically!) - age three
Emma (mine biologically!) - days away from being "1"
Lavonne - our ESLI Trinity student
Lauren - age 6 (belongs to Grant and Jenn)
Luke - age 3 (belongs to Grant and Jenn)

So I've been coordinating university, school, preschool, gymnastics, ballet and transport to and fro all these things for all of the people above.

Oye vey.......

I applaude those true "mothers of many" - you are amazing!


Shawna said...

I agree that they deserve their own club or at least free spa treatments and therapy (when they actually have the time for those things!).

You are a good friend Ms. B, a really good friend!

Canadian Kristin said...

Can we "mothers of 4 + a hubby" squeak into that club?!?!? I'd like the spa day...if the nanny was provided, too!

Good on you, Lisa, for being there for your friends during all this labour/false labour contraction business!!

Jenn said...

Very funny!! Thanks for being such a great friend during these false alarms--you are wonderful friends!! Love ya!!
Jenn (the friend that is adopting out her 2 children to Matt and Lisa during this very frustrating time of false alarms!!)

Cathy said...

Hey! I qualify! I have six kids, eight and under! Woot!