Thursday, September 27, 2007

Let the Celebration Begin! - Part 2

Our weekend of celebrations continued Saturday morning as Madelyne had been invited to attend Caleb's third birthday. The theme was dress as your favorite superhero, when we asked Madelyne who her favorite superhero was she said she wanted to be Tinkerbell.
(I think she just ignored the "superhero" part and saw this as her chance to get a fairy costume!)
Except for the masks the other kids were wearing she had a fantastic time - even a little pizza in her wings didn't stop her from buzzing around at 100 miles per hour.
Funny thing is...she happens to respond better when I call her "Tink" than when I call her "Madelyne" - so, if you happen to be within earshot and hear my call my daughter Tink, don't think I'm crazy.....understand that my motives are to get a three year old to listen to her mama.


Canadian Kristin said...

You call her Tink if that Moms know to work "outside the box"!!!!

How CUTE is this little Madelyne girl!?!!?!? SO CUTE!

Shawna said...

Will Tink be our personal little fairy???

Kelly said...

She looks so cute!!!! Will this be her Halloween costume as well???

Lisa B. said...

Yes it will.....hopefully it won't be crazy cold out - won't look as cute with a huge coat overtop. Guess we'll have to get creative.