Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Slim in September

Well, September is here and rushing by at a rapid rate. I have to admit I love September. It means fall is almost upon us and things go back to regular routine. This September brings the Bakers a new routine: preschool, ballet and gymnastics for Madelyne, more one-on-one time for mommy and Emma and a "new year's resolution" of sorts for me!

Time to burn off the baby weight that has made itself quite at home here on my bod.....so, when September hit I went full steam ahead, with the goal to loose twenty pounds and keep it off. I went back on my SureSlim eating plan I did before having Emma and I have already noticed results.

In my first two weeks I lost 7.5 pounds (I don't know how many inches as I haven't kept track, but I can certainly feel the difference). I am into my third week and hoping with wise choices and few distractions that my success will continue!

I'll keep you posted!


Shawna said...

YaY for you...You will have to help me keep on track once I have this baby!

Keep up the {HARD} but very good work!

You look amazing already!

Canadian Kristin said...

Okay.....last night I thought to myself, "DANG! that Lisa girl looks AMAZING....as always....but....so trim and fit and svelte...yes, I think that's it...svelte" (yes, this is really how the conversations go in my head! You totally already look SO AMAZING, that SureSlim is really working for you! Good job!!!