Friday, January 20, 2012

| Friday Fabulous |

Well we made it! Its FRIDAY...whoot hoot! I don't know about you but its been a long week around these parts...and today I am extra grateful for hot lunch day at school!
In honour of Friday I'm starting a "Friday Fabulous" series....where I'll feature one of my favourite items of the moment or one of my household staples.  Things that if I had to, I would put in my own "mom's tool box!"
And as thanks for coming back to check out my fourth post in one week.....a record for me, I'm sure....I'll feature four things, from four avenues of my life:

| Home |
I recently became an iPad owner (more on how I got it later!) and I have to admit I LOVE it. It has become a staple in my kitchen (maybe a strange place, but whatever!) and my home in general. Everything from listening to music or pod casts while I cook or clean, menu planning, grocery list organizing, family calendar, devotional, as well as acting as my recipe book.

| Beauty |

I am not a huge hair product girl, I usually will find what I like and stick with it...not venturing out from the norm unless I find its not working for me.  But when I heard about this great volumizer and saw the results I gave it a shot...and I love it!

Aquage Uplifting Foam
I got mine when I was down in the lovely USA one weekend, it can be a bit hard to find as Aquage products are not carried in all salons, but the search is worth it.  Check out the company web page at to find a salon that carries it in your area.  And if all fails, order online ;-)

| Blogs |

I do enjoy reading a good blog....I have been following this one for some time and totally love it! - by Kate Bryan. 

Kate is a hairdresser by trade and posts the most FABULOUS hair video tutorials.  I used her tutorials a number of times through the holiday season to help spice up my holiday hair-dos.  If you're not great with hair styling, or, you find yourself in a hair rut but don't know how to get out, then check her out.  She is a huge fan of Aquage Uplifting foam and I first saw the product on her blog.  She also has a great sense of humor and designs lovely jewelery with her sister.

| Home |

This was on my Christmas list so I was so happy when I found it under the tree on Christmas morning.  My dutch oven by Kitchen Aid is a fabulous addition to my kitchen.
I love that this can be used on the stove-top or in the oven, it distributes the heat evenly and can make a killer pot roast.  Apparently you can bake bread in it, I haven't yet, but I'm going to for sure!  I love that if well taken care of it can last for generations.

So that's it for my first "Friday Fabulous".....I hope you enjoyed. 

I'm a bit under the weather today so I'm off to grab these:

out of my "mom's tool box" and enjoy a hot drink while Little Boy Baker is still fast asleep.

Have a fabulous weekend.


Shawna said...

ooohhh fun - an it! And that dutch oven, I was just looking at one at HomeSense but it was flipping $140 -- yikes! That would be a gift item for sure! But like you said it will last for generations!

Trista Cooper said...

I am thinking that our next big purchase will be the ipad, since now Ed has downloaded Angry birds on my iphone!!! LOL
Thanks Matthew for teaching Ed this new game

Lisa B. said...

@shawna - watch Canadian Tire, mine was on sale for $90 off before Christmas - add it to your flyer "watch" on newspaper days :-)

@Trista - Angry Birds can you say: addictive!