Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year | New Word | New Blogging

Hello Blog-land! I am so glad to be back. It's been years - literally - since my last posting and so much has changed in our life. I have been debating resuming my blogging for quite some time...really assessing why I blog, why I don't and what kind of life I want represented on my blog if I did resume.
I am looking forward to sharing bits and pieces of our life's journey over the past year as well expanding the direction of my blog focus.

One of my most treasured items is a hand written recipe of my mom's, a special occasion recipe that I remember signifying love, comfort and mom. I love that its hand written, I love seeing her hand writing and I love the memories that resound for me each time I look at it. I want my blog to be the same type of thing for me and my family....a written note filled with faith that brings memories, love and comfort.

So as I venture back into the blog world I pray that faith would abound in my posts, encouragement would be found, memories would be preserved and creativity would bubble up.

I look forward to sharing with you my word for 2012, a few insights from the class I'm teaching at our women's bible study at church and even some recipes my family loves and some new ones I'm itching to try as I continue to try and bring healthy food to my kitchen table.
Here's to a fabulous and inspiring 2012!


Shawna said...

Welcome back!

Q: did you frame that recipe of your Mom's for your new kitchen?

Lisa B. said...

@ Shawna: nope! Can't frame the original as its inside the cover of a cookbook, BUT, maybe I'll try and take a picture of it and see if I can frame that.
Thanks for the great idea!

Tiffany said...

Love it! Thanks for posting this! I'm glad to see you're resuming your blog!