Thursday, January 26, 2012

| Penny Pinching |

I'll be back later today with my weekly recap of yesterday's class: Can I Have and Do it All, Please?!?! But I wanted to be sure to share a real DEAL with you:

Do you often re-negotiate contracts you have with service providers, such as cell phone, home phone, cable or internet? If you don' SHOULD.  Why? Well because your business is worth it, and most often your service providers want to KEEP YOU!

As we have been working through our New Year budget, renegotiating some of these things was at the top of our list to save us a few bucks this year.
We currently have services with Shaw Cable and through some lengthy conversations with a Telus customer care representative we were able to bundle our services and switch to Telus and save ourselves $100 per MONTH. 

You see, our cell phones are with Telus (and have been for some time)...they want us back as a full service customer and are willing to make it worth our while. 

We opted not to take any of the "free" electronics that are often used to suck you in....why...well because they never end up being "free" you end up paying a bit more each month for them.

So, with a few simple phone calls we've saved ourselves $1200 bucks this year already!  How's that for a great way to start the year!

So, maybe this is something that can put a bit of cash back in your 2012 budget! You never know, its worth a phone call, or two.

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Shawna said...

Nice job! Love saving some $$$ makes me feel SO good!