Friday, January 27, 2012

| Friday Fabulous |

Can you believe is Friday again already! Wow, I don't know about you, but this week flew by.  I hope you've had a few minutes to enjoy the precious and beautiful moments of sunshine we've had this week...ahhh, what a gift that sunshine is to getting motivated.

For today's Friday Fabulous post I wanted to feature an item in my closet I love that I use all the time and has lasted me well:

| Sweet Nothings Footless Tights |

I originally found these tights at the Wal-Mart in the USA and was a bit skeptical with the price tag being $15.  For a pair of tights???  I mean, I've had many o' times where I put my finger right through a pair of tights and into the garbage they go...what a waste.

But, I like the idea that these tights are shape wear as well...meaning, they have a hidden inside tummy control panel that keeps things (aka: your lumps and bumps!) held in nice and tight. :-)

So I gave them a whirl and I LOVE them. 

* They are nice and thick so they work perfectly with a tunic or a dress (and no one can see if you didn't shave your legs *wink*) 

* They are not 100% cotton so they don't fade after multiple washings

* They stay UP...because we've all had some sort of leg wear sagging our knees - NOT FUN!

* They come in black, grey and brown

You can click here for the link to the Wal-Mart web page to check 'em out.....if you really want the shape wear function then maybe go down a don't want them too loose or they won't be holding anything in.

I love wearing a dress...its an easy peasy outfit to throw on before the start of a busy day...there is no pinching, pulling or sagging of pants or waistbands, no pant hems to worry about getting soaked if its pouring rain, and with these tights under any dress or skirt you've got a great outfit for any day of the week.

And just a heads up, I've seen these tights on eBay too for a bit you could try there as well.

Here's to a Fabulous Friday.


Anonymous said...

You're my kinda girl Lisa! LOVE dresses as well! Loved how ou had a dress & hunters on the other day- so great! Thanks for the tip on these! I will have to check them out! ~Christa

Lisa B. said...

@Christa: yes, check 'em out! Actually why don't we plan another USA shopping night and go check 'em out together.